Khorneval 2016 Blood Bowl tourney

Khorneval Blood Bowl Tournament
Presented by : Mobile Area Gamers Society and the South Alabama Wargamers
Location: Gamers & Geeks/4805J Moffett Rd/Mobile, AL 36618
(251) 725 – 6640
When: Saturday, July 30th 2016 beginning at 9:00 am

Tournament cost: $25 for pre-registration and $30 day of

Style of Play: SWISS/4 rounds

Rules: 2013 Competition Rule Pack

Teams: 1,250,000 gp’s standard rosters (no star players)/all teams in the 2013 CRP also including Apes of Wrath, Underworld, Slann, and Chaos Pact.

Restrictions: You can use any brand of miniatures. You cannot use proxies, the models must look like what they represent (you can’t use humans as orcs or space marines as elves). All of the models will need to be numbered (on the base or model) as to their place on your roster. Models do not need to be painted but it would be greatly appreciated. Assisting other players during game play will not be allowed.

Prizes: There will be prizes awarded for first through fourth place. There will also be a prize for best modelled team.

Format: There a time limit of one hour per match with no overtime periods. The illegal procedure call will not be in use. Victory points will be used determine the winner and followers at the end of the tournament.
* This is a resurrection tournament – you will get all of your dead & injured players back for each game.

Winning the match= 30 vp’s
Drawing the match = 20 vp’s
Lossing the match = 10 vp’s
Each TD scored in the match = 10 vp’s
Each CAS scored in the match = 10 vp’s
Each INT scored in the match = 5 vp’s
Each successful FOUL commited in the match = 5 vp’s
*A successful foul occurs when your player fouls an opponent and causes a K/O or a Badly Hurt etc. and does not get caught and sent off by the ref.
If you score at least twice as many TD’s as your opponent = 2 vp’s
If you score at least twice as many CAS as your opponent = 2 vp’s
*In the case of tie vp’s the winner will be decided by who travelled the farthest.

Registration begins at 9:00 am and finishes at 9:45 am.
9:45 am) Set up for the first match and check your opponent’s roster.
10:00 am) Kick off of the first match
11:00 am) End first match and calculate victory points.
11:30 am) Set up for the second match and check your opponent’s roster. Begin second match.
12:30 pm) End second match and calculate victory points.
12:45 – 1:45 pm) Lunch time – on your own {There are a couple of pizza places and a Taco Bell, Subway, and McDonalds with a mile of the game store} This will be when the judges look at your team so please leave them on the field if your wish to be eligible for the best modeled team prize.
2:00 pm) Set up for the third match and check your opponent’s roster. Begin third match.
3:15 pm) End third match and calculate victory points.
3:30 pm) Set up for the fourth match and check your opponent’s roster. Begin forth match.
4:45 pm) End fourth/final match and calculate vp’s. Turn in your score sheets to the match director.
5:15 pm) Awards ceremonies.

What you need to bring:
A Blood Bowl field with reserve, k/o, & casualty boxes, block dice, throwing, scatter, & sideline templates, a copy of the 2013 CRP, 3 copies of your roster, money for food, cash for touney dues (if you don’t pre-register), your team, pencils, calculators
*All coaches will be given a dice cup, coaster, and Khorneval d6’s & d8.

Admission: Anyone can participate in the tournament.
Fee is $30 cash the day of the event or $25 if you pre-register before July 25th at our PayPal site, please note that the payment is for the BB tourney.

Contact : Donald Morgan (director) at
Jody Calhoun (treasurer) at
FB at Mobile Area Gamers Society and South Alabama War Gamers

MOBICON 2016 40k Tournament Update

Mobicon Primer 2016 U.1

So I received some feedback regarding the 40K Primer after its release. Based on that feedback I turned my inner squirrel loose and came up with this update. While it doesn’t necessarily solve all the issues that have been brought up, it should shake things up just enough to keep them interesting.

This will be the Primer that will be play tested at the Pre-Event in April as well. There should be plenty of time to retool or re-tailor lists for this event.

Good luck, have fun and if you have questions please send them to


Updated Rules For Warhammer Fantasy at Mobicon 2015

Things you need to Bring:
4 Copies of your Army List (1 for each Opponents and 1 for Judges
Measuring tape
and a great Attitude

General Rules
Special Characters are allowed

All models must represent what they are supposed to be according to the rules they are being used under. WYSIWYG is the rule (What you see is what you get). However, miniatures need not be produced by any particular corporation.
Miniatures do not need to be painted, but every miniature needs to be fully assembled with all of the appropriate pieces and properly based. (Remember that painting will be judged and contribute to the overall score)

Army Lists: 2,000 points
Warhammer 8th Edition rules and all GW 8th edition FAQ’s will be used, with the exceptions that buildings may only be occupied by units of 40 models or less. In addition, The end Time Rules will not be used, save the Lord/ Heroes up to 50%. Beastmen armies will be able to give Marks of the chaos gods, but must bring a copy of the rules for them. No Other Units or Character can be Used from End Times.

Warhammer 9th Edition rules will ONLY be used if they are released prior to 1 April 2015. Otherwise, the organizers just won’t have enough time to assimilate them prior to the event.
Lists are to be no larger than 2,000 points using the standard restrictions found in each Warhammer Armies book.

Chaos Dwarf armies use the Legion of Azgorh, . No other Tamurkhan units are in effect.

Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearers are allowed to take any mundane equipment that would be available to them if they were not a BSB, such as a shield or a lance.

Forgeworld Models and characters are allowed, as long as the player brings a printed copy of the rules to the tournament.

1 Terrain
1 The Mysterious Terrain charts will not be used, however every table will have one piece of Mysterious Terrain, such as a Wildwood or Temple of Skulls, clearly identified for what it is. These terrain pieces will be fixed, while every other element of terrain on the table will be placed by the players.
2 All hills will be treated as 9 inches tall. If you have models shorter than nine inches, they can hide behind them.
3 Buildings can hold a maximum of thirty models. If both players agree, buildings may instead be treated as impassible terrain (though Mysterious Buildings will still get their special rules).
4 Except for the Mysterious Terrain element on the table, whose location will be specified by each scenario, players will place the terrain before each game.
5 Wood elves are allowed to chose what type of woods they have at the beginning of the tournament and must remain the same throughout

1 Other Rules Quirks
1 Hero and Lord choices (and only Hero and Lord choices) may use the ward save provided by Magic Resistance (and only the MR save) against the following spells that do not otherwise allow saves: Pit of Shades, the Dwellers Below, Purple Sun of Xereus, Final Transmutation, and the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell. Note that this save does NOT stack with any other Ward Save they have.

Scoring at the Mobicon will focus on four elements of play in order to determine who goes home with the prizes. Every player will be scored on the basis of their ability to play the game, play a fun game, paint their army, and follow the rules of the tournament.
Players can score a maximum of 165 points, broken down as follows:
Battle Points 75
Sportsmanship points 30
Painting Points 30

The Awards will be the Following:

Best Overall – this will be a combination of all the scores in one place.

Best Sportsman – Total Sportsmanship points and Player Choices

Best General – Total Battle points (ties Broken by Sportsmanship)

Best Painted – Total Painting score (Ties Broken with Sportsmanship)

Player’s Choice – Best army as Voted on by the Players.

Battle Points (15-75)
Every participant will be able to earn a maximum of 20 Battle points per game:
Win 20
Loss 5
Tie 10
In every game played at the Mobicon, one needs to beat their opponent by 100+ victory points as defined in normal victory conditions specified in the main rule book in order to win a game. In addition to winning each game, players will be able to score up to an additional 4 battle points by achieving the objective defined in the scenario. Only one player will be able to achieve the objective in each game.

The five additional Battle Points are:
1. Kill the army’s General
2. Kill The Battle Standard Bearer
3. Control the Most Highest Ground
4. Control the Mystical Terrain
5. Killing the Largest Unit

Sports (0-60)
Sportsmanship is about having a good game. There are a thousand things that can make a game good or bad, and no one can list them all. It is very hard to determine how good or how bad a game was. It’s very subjective and different to everyone. However, it is easy to tell if a game was good or bad and pretty much everyone can agree on it, so for the Mobicon, sportsmanship will focus on if the game was good or bad.

each game shall offer the player to get up to 10 points for Sportsmanship as decided by their opponent. An additional 10 Points will be awarded by each time the player is listed as a favorite opponent.

Paint scoring (0-20)—One judge, One Check list, every army scored between games. No one will have judges looking over their shoulder during a game or going through dead pile to score their painting. You put a big effort in painting your army so we will make the same effort in scoring it. To help us do that, we ask that you please leave your army set up between games. It’s hard to try to give 20 armies the time they all deserve if the only time they’re out there is during games! Also, nobody wants to play games with a judge looking over your shoulder.

Blood Bowl Tournament Mobicon 2015

These are the general rules and guidelines for the Blood Bowl tournament to be held on the Sunday of Mobicon.
This not a sanctioned tournament by any group other than SAWG. There is no charge to play in our tournament. The 2013 Competition Rule Book will be in effect.
Bring a standard 1 million gold piece team from the 2013 Competition Rule Book. Roster sheets will be provided at sign up.
You will also need your team, ball, dice, templates, pencil, calculator, and field. If you do not have some of these items loaners can be made available on a first come – first served basis.
Your team should be painted in a minimum of three colors. You will also need to number the players or their bases according to their respective positions on your roster.
You do need to be sure that the players resemble what they are supposed to be. You can’t use orks as humans etc,. Aftermarket, custom, and conversion miniatures are definitely allowed and encouraged. Please be sure that the bases of your miniatures are not larger than the squares on the field.
Time table for Sunday morning.
900 am Registration. You will be given a roster sheet and score sheet here. Fill out your roster sheet now.
945 am squadding begins. This will be where you will meet your opponent and go over rosters. Then set your team and get ready to play. Squadding is drawn randomly.
1000 am Kick off, this begins round 1
1130 am ends round 1 – lunch break
1230 pm starts round 2
200 pm ends round 2 – break time
230 pm starts round 3
400 pm ends round 3, turn in score sheets.
415 pm awards ceremony
430 pm end tourney
The tournament will consist of three rounds of games (each round is 1hr 30min). Each round will be worth victory points and the team with the highest number of victory points wins.
VPs are based on:
Win = 30 pts
Tie = 20 pts
Loss = 10 pts
Each Touchdown scored is worth 1 bonus point
Each Casualty inflicted is worth 1 bonus point
Each successful Foul action (that causes an injury but does not result in your player getting caught on doubles) is worth 1 bonus point
The best modeled team determined by the match director and or his agent. This will be a combination of painting skill, team theme, poses, conversions and custom work. This is worth 15 bonus points.
Other stuff-
This is a resurrection game. That is your players will heal at the end of each game and will be completely ready for the next game regardless of any injuries they sustain. You will use the same team list for all three rounds. There will be no skill ups or replacing or adding players.
All teams will be granted 1 Fan Factor for free and 1 Re Roll for free. These are free but you will have to purchase additional FF and RR as normal, however you cannot have more than 6 of either even with the bonus.
Due to time constraints there will be no over time.
The illegal procedure rule will be in effect.
There will be prizes for 1st through 3d places. In the case of tied victory points preference will go to the coach that traveled the farthest.

Mobicon 2015 Wargaming Schedule Update

Ok here is the update  for all the wargaming  going on at Mobicon 2015.

For Hotel and con Info Please Visit

To hold your spot for any of these events  please visit

Friday Upstairs
1. Warhammer Fantasy Mega Battle 4pm to mid
2. Warhammer 40k Rukkus 6pm to 8pm
3. Beat the owner Warmahordes 6pm to 10pm
4. Beat the owner DnD Attack Wing 6pm to 10pm
5. Firestorm Armada Play Session 8pm to mid
6.MERCS Tournament 8pm to mid

Friday Downstairs
1. Blood bowl Play session / demo 8pm to mid

Saturday Upstairs
1.Warhammer 40k Battle for Mobile 40k GT 8am to mid
2. Heroclix Days of future past tournament 10am to 4pm

Saturday Downstairs
1. Malifaux event 9am to 1pm
2. Star Trek Attack Wing Tournament 1pm to 8pm

Saturday AUX
Miniature painting contest 8am to 5pm

Sunday Upstairs
1. Warhammer Fantasy Tournament 8am to 5pm
2.Warhammer 40k Apoc Smackdown 8am to 5pm
3.Blood Bowl Tournament 9am to 5pm

Sunday Downstairs
1. Xwing tournament 10am to 5pm

Look forward to seeing you there